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Power rootsare a refined fertilizer for the growth and flowering phase. Strongly concentrated biomineral components support the development of roots, which are the foundation of any healthy plant. Using this specificity allows the plant to achieve 100% of its capabilities, which largely translates into final yields. This fertilizer is suitable for plants grown in all substrates and can be used in combination with other liquid fertilizers and additives.

-Rapid and energetic development of roots.

-Rapid recovery after transplantation.

-Promotes plant growth.

-Increases vitality.

-Increases the assimilation of nutrients.

-Improves soil structure.

-Suitable for all types of irrigation.


Humic acids, myo-inositol, seaweed extract, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), amino acids, thiamine (vitamin B), alpha-tocopherols (vitamin E).


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