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Advantages and benefits of using Plagron Silic Rock
Silicon is an element that plays a role in multiple processes of growth. In-between different advatages of adding silicon to your nutrient solution we have:

Improves Phosphorus, Calcium and micron essential nutrients uptake.
Increases the thickness of cell wall, improving the overall stregth of plants.
Better resistance and manage of drought seasons, and to high salty index.
Improves nutrient’s use efficiency.
Reduces levels of stress in plant, no matter if caused by extreme hot or cold, transplants…
Prevents and removes any pathogen mold appearance that may harm root system.
Increases stem thickness, making them bigger and more resistant.
Dose and how to use Plagron Silic Rock
Add a maximum of 1 ml of Silic Rock per liter of nutrient solution during all stages of growth (vegetative stage and bloom stage).

*Remember you must add the needed dose of Silic Rock to water before adding any other nutrient or booster.

Silic Rock is suitable for all growing mediums: Soil, coco, hidro and aeroponics.

Characteristics and composition of Silic Rock fertilizer
Type: Silicon additive.

For: Enhace growth and bloom of plants, improve stem thickness, nutrient uptake, tolerance to drought and extreme cold, better managing high concentration of salts and improve resistance to pests.

Use: Every time you water your plants along plant’s growth cycle (grow and bloom). It must be added to water in a maximum dose of 1 ml/L and added prior to any other fertilizer or stimulator.

Dose: 0,5-1 ml/L.

Fertilizer NPK: 1,5 – 0 – 1,7


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