Company Updates

We are so excited!  Let’s start with an introduction. Vinny Piscopo here, Managing Director and daughter of Vinnie & Emanuel Piscopo who started Piscopo Gardens back in 1994 and has been growing ever since.

I grew up inheriting my parents’ love for animals & nature and this same love seems to be already instilled in my 5-year-old son Zak.  I also hope to pass this information on to future generations by striving to make Malta a greener place as well as help educate the adults of tomorrow and future generations. 

We also hope that you all received our Calendars in your homes, if not, please pass by and collect one from our Cashiers ?.

Piscopo Gardens consists of:

  • A Garden Centre with a large selection of indoor and outdoor plants, trees & shrubs
  • A Pet Shop with vast options of pet food and pet related items & accessories
  • A Landscaping department both indoor and outdoor where we take care of your homes, gardens, roofs, offices, balconies and also public areas such as restaurants, shops & public gardens.

We offer online shopping via Facebooked as has been for the last few years and NOW also via our new website and of course deliver your order to your door.

Opening hours are 9AM – 6PM daily, including Sundays & Public Holidays.  

Online help is manned or “womanned” ? Monday – Friday from 8AM – 2PM

We are ONLY closed on Good Friday, Christmas Day & Boxing Day!

There are so many things going on this month, let’s list a few things, shall we?

The weather hasn’t stabilized yes, so we suggest that you keep an eye on your plants and protect them from the wind and rain to avoid any damages.

Spring is in the air, and the weather will be getting warmer soon, so this means that it’s time to: 

  • Plant herbs (cucumber, green pepper, aubergines, marrows & spinach 
  • Sow seeds
  • Keep an eye out for the arrive of our shipment of Spring Bulbs such as Dahlia, Freesia, Iris & Lilium among many others.

A few things to remember: 

  • 10 February is a Public Holiday and YES. we ARE open all day from 9AM – 6PM
  • 14 February is Valentine’s Day.  It’s important to show your love all year round, BUT we do know that there could be trouble if “one” forgets about Valentine’s Day.  So, remember to buy that plant, package, flowers, pot, present, or anything else that you know your significant other would like and we will deliver it on Valentine’s Day ?.  Don’t forget your kids (if any) and fur babies.
  • More going on in February – CARNIVAL and mid-term holidays for the kids.  So, we invite you all to wear your Carnival Costumes when visiting us between 25 February & 1 March 2022.

Have a fantastic February!